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Welcome to

Civiliopedia Online


Ruler of the world # Hit Counter has entered the site.

Maximize the window in order to view some pages correctly.

Civilopedia Online is the only Civilization 3 resource you'll need to make your civilization rule the world.

 Strategies are taken from people who have used them over and over to beat the competition, and unlike some sites, are finally explained in a way people can understand.

Complete Unit Information is available from conscript warriors and archers to ICBM's and stealth bombers.

The best Screenshots are used to show cool stuff, like a nuclear attack and it's effects on a city.


This site is under construction.  (Obviously!)

Since this site is to help you, I gladly value any Civ Fan's opinion about the site.  Should I take out, put in, or change anything?  Have any screenshots, strategies, etc. that you want everyone to know?  If so, E-mail me at and tell me.

Also E-Mail me any problems you have while playing the game. I will write you back to help you and include it in a section of the site in order to help others.


This site has completed Phase 1 (Unit info worked on, other areas of site outlined) on Feb 4th, one day late.


Phase 2 (Strategies and Unit Info finished, maybe a message board up and running, some other areas of site finished)

by Feb 17th


Phase 3 (Everything complete!)

by Mar. 1st