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Unit Information



Destroyer - A modern warship that is a smaller version of the Battleship.  Destroyers can lay to waste any older ships like Frigates or Ironclads, but they're nothing against big brother Battleship.  Just another unit that you should produce depending on how strong the opposition is.  If everyone is still in the Middle Ages, this will be the strongest thing you need.  Besides, it's just as fast as a Battleship.

Requires:  Combustion, Oil

Cost:  120 Shields


Attack:  12        Defense:  8        Movement:  5        Bombard:  6        Range:  1        Rate of Fire:  2


Explorer - Considering it will be the end of the Middle Ages when you can get this unit, it is totally worthless.  You should have every square of terrain already uncovered by exploring with other units or trading maps with the other Civs by the time Explorers become available.  If this unit could be built with earlier requirements, it would be very useful.

Requirements:  Navigation

Cost:  20 Shields


Movement:  2


F-15 (Americans) - F-15's are faster and have more bombardment power than the Jet Fighters they replace.  These planes can execute all air missions and have radar, so they can see for two squares.  Fighter planes are very useful for reconnaissance to check where enemy troops are.  Once they're located, call in the bombers to weaken them, then mop 'em up with ground forces.  F-15's are not only useful in this three way assault, they can also launch air superiority missions if you think any square under it's operational range could become under enemy aircraft fire next turn.

Requirements:  Rocketry, Oil, Aluminum

Cost:  100 Shields


Attack:  8        Defense:  4        Operational Range:  6        Bombard:  4        Rate of Fire:  2


Fighter - Weaker version of the F-15 described above except this can be built by all Civs.  Used just like the F-15.

Upgrades to:  Jet Fighter

Requirements:  Flight, Oil

Cost:  80 Shields


Attack:  4        Defense:  2        Operational Range:  4        Bombard:  2        Rate of Fire:  1


Frigate - The first warship you can build.  That means it is the first ship that has bombardment capabilities.  If you don't really need naval military units right when this becomes available, wait until you can build Battleships and Destroyers or at least Ironclads which become available right after Frigates, since these don't upgrade.

Requires:  Magnetism, Iron, Saltpeter

Cost:  60 Shields


Attack:  2        Defense:  2        Movement:  4        Bombard:  2        Range:  1        Rate of Fire:  2


Galleon - The third transport.  Upgrades from Caravel and gains 1 movement point and transport capacity.  Nothing much else to say.

Upgrades to:  Transport

Requires:  Magnetism

Cost:  60 Shields


Attack:  1        Defense:  2        Movement:  4        Transport Capacity:  4


Galley - The first transport and ship you can build.  Very weak and slow, but you won't have a choice until you research Astronomy in order to upgrade to a Caravel.  This ships must end their turn in a coastal square unless the Great Lighthouse is built, then they can end in a sea square.

Upgrades to:  Caravel

Requires:  Mapmaking

Cost:  30


Attack:  1        Defense:  1        Movement:  3        Transport Capacity:  2


Helicopter - The helicopter can airdrop foot soldiers anywhere within 4 squares of the city.  Only foot soldiers can be transported, so no Mech-Infantry, Tanks, or even Workers and Settlers, can be dropped off.  Also, paratroopers do not need a helicopter, they use the city's airport to be airdropped.

Requires:  Advanced Flight, Oil, Rubber

Cost:  80 Shields


Defense:  2        Operational Range:  4        Transport Capacity:  1


Hoplite (Greeks) - Replaces the Spearman.  Usually I would build Swordsmen this early in the game, but the tiny difference in the stats makes them almost the same.  Also, this unit will eventually upgrade to a Mech-Infantry.  I would build this unit if I play as the Greeks.

Upgrades to:  Musketman

Requires:  Bronze Working

Cost:  20 Shields


Attack:  1        Defense:  3        Movement:  1


Horseman - These units are fairly strong, and since they can upgrade twice, they don't become obsolete quickly like so many other units.  Horsemen are fast units, so if they are losing a battle, they can withdraw, unless they're fighting other fast units.

Upgrades to:  Knight

Requires:  Horseback Riding, Horses

Cost:  30 Shields


Attack:  2        Defense:  1        Movement:  2