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Unit Information

I - L


ICBM - Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile.  The most devastating and expensive unit in the game.  Can be launched to any unsuspecting square on the map instantly.  If launched anywhere, any units in the square targeted is killed.  Units on all eight adjacent squares have only a 50% chance of survival, nobody gets out without injury, and all squares become polluted.  If launched to a city, the effects are devastating.  The city loses half it's population.  All squares surrounding it are polluted and the improvements are destroyed, cutting off from the rest of the Civilization.  In the targeted and adjacent squares, forests turn to grasslands, grasslands turn to plains, and plains turn to desert.  Has a huge negative effect on world opinion.

Requires:  Satellites, Aluminum, Uranium

Cost:  600 Shields


Movement:  1


Immortals (Persian) - Takes the place of the Swordsman, and if you've read some of the other unit info, you know how much I value the Swordsman.  Has one extra attack point than the unit it replaces.

Requires:  Iron Working, Iron

Cost:  30 Shields


Attack:  4        Defense:  2        Movement:  1


Impi (Zulu) - Takes the place of the Pikeman and has some interesting changes.  It loses a defense point, gains a movement point, and becomes a fast unit.  Allowing it to retreat from battle if losing.